Isola d’Elba

Elba is the biggest Island of Tuscan archipelago and the third biggest of Italy.
It is divided into 8 muncipalities: PortoferraioCampo nell’ElbaCapoliveri,MarcianaMarciana MarittimaPorto AzzurroRio Marina and Rio nell’Elba, altogether about 30.000 inhabitants.

The landscape is varied: The west side is mountainous with top on Monte Capanne (1018 mt). In the middle is mostly flat.
The east side is the most geologically ancient part of the Island, today mostly hilly.

The beaches on Elba are numerous, each being quite unique; long beaches of golden sand or tiny stones, equally beautiful beaches of black sand, white pebbles or cliff based of smooth granite rocks.
Spectacular panorama and crystal water make these beaches similar to the Caribbean, but second to none.

Island Elba is connected to the land by ferries of two different companies (Toremar and Moby Lines, which connect Piombino to PortoferraioRio MarinaPorto Azzurro and Cavo.
Island Elba belongs to the National Park of Tuscan Archipelago (PNAT Founded in July 1996, the Park covers about 78.000 hectares and protects 60.000 hectares sea and several sort of rare fishes.

To the Park belong 6 island, who the legend tell born from Venus pearl necklace:
Capraia,GiglioPianosaMontecristoGiannutri e Gorgona.
For this reason Elba offers several beautiful depths to discover.